My name is Jessica, aka The Flow Dietitian.

I’m on a mission to help others return to their body; to reconnect to their inherent intuition around food and movement to find an enhanced state of ease, clarity, and contentment in life.

To find flow.

In finding a flexible relationship with food, there is freedom from everything that keeps us stuck: negative self talk, obsessive food rules,  mistrust and fear. I have a deep interest in emotional health and wellbeing as I believe that health starts with the mental + emotional body. The physical body is highly influenced by the mental body, so targeting both is necessary for health and wellbeing. The choices we make around food are HIGHLY influenced by many things, including our emotions, and HOW we approach food has the greatest impact on our health and wellbeing.

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics and Management from Western Illinois University. I completed an accredited dietetic internship (DI) and a Master’s degree in Nutrition from Ball State University. I have a decade-long career as an RDN and my clinical experience has ranged from geriatric nutrition to nutrition therapy for eating disorders/disordered eating recovery. 


I began my career in the eating disorder space May 2021 as a nutrition therapist at a HLOC eating disorder treatment center. While I do have training at the PHP/IOP levels, including group therapy and therapeutic meal support, the majority of my experience is in outpatient level practices. I am completing client and supervision hours for the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) credential.

In addition to being clinically trained I am trained in the mindfulness based healing therapy of yoga.

I’m a 200 hr RYT who trained at Karma Yoga in San Francisco, CA. I have been teaching vinyasa based yoga classes for 4 years and a student for 11 years.

I have worked with a variety of diagnoses including:

My outpatient private practice offers virtual 1:1 nutrition therapy and counseling with a focus on Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating. I work with:

My practice is not limited eating disorders/disordered eating as I believe many of you can benefit from an intuitive eating/living practice.

You may benefit from this work if you are someone who:

Wants to understand themselves on a deeper level and broaden their connection to their emotional body

Is experiencing a loss of something/someone close to you (grief)

wants to find enhanced quality of life: energy, motivation, creativity, and wellbeing

who struggles with a chronic illness and are looking for a sustainable way to manage

What is "The FLOW?"

This is referring to “flow state.” Flow state can be described as an elevated consciousness state, where one is totally absorbed in what they’re doing; they’re free to access the moment, with deep focused engagement, creativity, and wisdom.

The moment is not tainted with self doubt, worry, or fear for what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future. It’s a sense of fluidity between your body and mind, moment to moment.

I’m here to bring you closer to your Flow State.

How so? In healing your relationship with food, movement, and body you will find yourself more frequently accessing flow state. Feeling flow is blocked by our modern day life. “We can’t feel flow if we are not in our bodies, are reactive, or are inflexible,” says Emily Hightower for Wanderlust.  

We all have the capacity to achieve this supreme state of being; we all have the capacity to be intuitive around food and movement. It just takes learning skill and practice.  Emily Hightower shares “We are designed to eat intuitively. Imagine a bountiful potluck. Instead of analyzing choices for your future body, or being plagued with past addictions, you drop into connection with your whole being in present time.”

“You scan the forest of potluck options and certain foods pop up with vibrant life. You touch, smell, and taste to let in what resonates and let go of all else without a second thought. In this state you are attuned to the choices and amounts you need without checking your diet app. You let go when you’re full (or consciously choose to go beyond fullness at times).  It’s native.”

What My Clients Are Saying

My Offerings

1:1 Medical Nutrition Therapy For Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating.

This is my highest level of support and appropriate for outpatient level Eating Disorders as well as Disordered eating 

You could be appropriate for this if you:

Individual sessions Rates

75 minute initial nutrition assessment: $180

60 minute follow up nutrition session: $150

30 minute nutrition session: $75 

Package Rates

12 session package: $1695* 

Open to building custom packages of 12+

*Package bundle rate: approximately $140/session (additional 5% given back for up front payment).  12 session minimum recommended for ALL Eating Disorders clients. Includes: 1 (one) 75 minute initial assessment and 11 (eleven) 60 minute follow up sessions. 

1:1 MindFLOW Nutrition Method For Emotional Eating Patterns

This is a high level 1:1 support for those who are struggling with disordered eating patterns, including, but not limited to emotional/binge eating. This is a 12 session individualized program. 

You could be appropriate for this if you:

Cost: $1695

Includes: 1 (one) 75 minute initial assessment and 11 (eleven) 60 minute follow up sessions. 

PAYMENT: I do not accept insurance at this time however, I  can provide a Superbill for services rendered so that you may seek reimbursement for sessions. Please contact your insurance provider directly to learn more about your out of network coverage and reimbursement rates.  PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE .   Credit/debit card, FSA/HSA preferred payment for services. All payments processed through STRIPE, a secure  online payment processing software.

Group Therapy:

Emotional Eating Antidote

Upcoming Cohort: May 2023!

Change your relationship to your emotions and emotional eating through your approach to eating and movement

This program helps you develop a flexible eating practice that is supportive to your total well being for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! It is built from evidenced based Intuitive Eating principles, Mindfulness Based Techniques and positive psychology based strategies.


What can you expect:

EEA program includes:

Make A Commitment To Yourself!

My practice is operated virtually from Practice Better, a HIPAA compliant portal with a Free and convenient application for iPhone/Android users. At the tip of your fingers you can chat me for support between sessions, update appointments, and so much more! 

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